Private Equity

The Private Equity portfolio primarily aims at non-cyclical, consumer-oriented companies with high growth potential that can benefit from the economic growth and growing income levels in our region. The portfolio has grown larger in recent years, and primarily consists of investments in the Baltics countries and, on a more selective basis, Russia.

Our team works actively to identify and evaluate new investment opportunities. In many of East Capital Explorer’s focus areas there are larger gaps between good and bad companies than in traditional, more developed markets. East Capital’s local presence allows us to be present and learn about what is happening and why, giving us the means to invest in the best companies long-term.

The investment strategy primarily targets growth and cash flow generating assets. The goal is to exploit attractive investment opportunities where we as owners can add value. By being actively involved in corporate governance and strategic decisions, our teams can add industry expertise to help senior management develop and operate companies in a way that ultimately creates value for East Capital Explorer shareholders, either by stable cash flows or value realization in connection with listing or sale.