East Capital Frontier Markets Fund

The East Capital Frontier Markets Fund seeks to provide long-term capital growth through exposure to companies with strong performance, located in global frontier markets and countries not yet included in frontier market indices. The fund has a global focus on young and growing markets in order to gain exposure to an emerging middle class and domestic consumption. To combine high growth with attractive valuations and deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns, the fund seeks to invest in a wide spectrum of countries, sectors and companies.

Fund facts

Launch date: 12 December 2014
Risk: High
Number of holdings: 67
Unlisted exposure: 0.0%
Management fee: 1.0%*
Base amount: NAV
Carried interest: No fee
Hurdle rate: n/a
Catch-up: n/a
Benchmark index: The fund currently has no relevant benchmark
Fund manager: East Capital
More info: www.eastcapital.com

* An additional "all-in" fee for fund administration, depository and other expenses of 0.65% NAV applies