East Capital Deep Value Fund

The East Capital Deep Value Fund provides exposure to conservative market valuations, companies with significant revenue generation capacity and high potential for revaluation. This includes public as well as Private Equity holdings, small and medium sized companies with proven business models with attractive valuations and deep value holdings.

No particular consideration is made to sector – return potential above market is the main guiding feature.

Fund facts

Launch date: 1 Januari 2014
Risk: High
Number of holdings: 117
Unlisted exposure: 17.9%
Management fee:  1.95%*
Base amount: NAV
Carried interest: 20.0%
Hurdle rate: +40.0% from the initial investment and 7.0% annually
Catch-up: 50/50
Benchmark index: The fund currently has no relevant benchmark
Fund manager: East Capital
More info: www.eastcapital.com

 *Additional administrative expenses and charges apply, among others an AIFMD related charge of 0.1% and custody fees