The Board and its work

The work of the Board is governed by the rules of procedure adopted by the Board. The Chairman of the Board, Lars O Grönstedt, directs the work conducted by the Board and maintains continuous contact with the CEO and the Company’s other management functions to monitor its operations. The Board evaluates how the management performs its duties and decides on remuneration for executive management. The Board has also prepared a work instruction for the CEO, as well as a number of policy documents. The Company’s CEO, Mia Jurke, CFO & Head of Investor Relations, Lena Krauss also participated in the Board meetings during 2015 to report on their respective areas. Other representatives are invited, from time to time, to participate in Board meetings in order to make presentations on particular investment proposals and the development of the investment portfolio or other matters. The Board holds at least five ordinary Board meetings per year. Additional meetings may be held for example to discuss and decide on investment proposals.

Evaluation of the Board

The work of the Board is continuously evaluated and the evaluation is used to develop the work of the Board and as a basis for the Nomination Committee’s evaluation of the composition of the Board. In 2016 the work of the Board was evaluated by the independent members of the Nomination Committee in order to gain information for the Nomination Committee’s work on preparing proposals for the 2016 Annual General Meeting. The evaluation included individual interviews with Board members and the CEO, and consisted of a number of questions concerning the work of the Board. The results from the evaluation were presented to the Nomination Committee. In 2016 the Board was evaluated by an external consultant with broad experience of such evaluations.