External Auditors

The Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2015 resolved to re-elect the registered auditing company KPMG as auditor up until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2019. Anders Malmeby will act as head auditor and it was noted that KPMG will be instructed to substitute the auditor in charge when so required according to the Swedish Companies Act.

Compensation to auditors

The Company’s auditors received compensation for audits and other requisite reviews, as well as for advisory services occasioned by observations made in the course of such reviews. During financial year 2015, the audit fee amounted to EUR 54,000.

Communication with the Company’s auditors

The Board of Directors, performing the duties of the Audit Committee maintains regular contact with the auditors. In addition, the auditors participate in the Board meetings at which the interim reports and full year report are addressed. The auditors report at that time on their observations from the audit and assessment of the Company’s internal controls.

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